How to Invest in Property Tax Liens

Investing in the stock market has gained increased popularity as a way to gain wealth across your life. In fact the longer you stay loyal to the stock market the more likely it is that you will become a billionaire by your 50s. The following chart shows why it is important that you start investing early, by illustrating a hypothetical example of three people investing in different ages.

Impact of when you start investing

But the stock market is highly volatile. And this is why people start to search for alternative investment opportunities. One of those is investing in property tax liens. In this article, we will talk about what is a tax lien and how you can find the equivalent investment options.


A tax lien is issued when a property owner cannot pay the taxes of that property. In that case, the government places a lien to it and issues a lien certificate, which is sold at auctions. Investors bid for the liens at those auctions and take ownership of the property.

The lien-holder is obligated to pay the tax lien in full back to the state, while the property owner pays the investor the full amount of the lien plus an interest ranging from 5% to 36%.


As profitable as it may seem, you have to be an experienced real estate investor before you start investing in tax liens. And that is because there are many things to take into consideration when choosing your investment property for instance, but also the obligations you have as an investor.

Additionally, some commercial institutions such as banks and hedge funds, have been also interested in tax lien investing. This makes the market even more competitive and challenging for individual investors.

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