How to Find Foreclosed Homes

Buying a house has become very expensive in recent years, leaving the Millennials unhappy with their financial inadequacy to provide for a house. Since bottoming in 2012 the prices in the real estate market are gradually increasing as the following chart shows.

In this article, we will talk about the different stages of foreclosed properties that should be taken into account when buying a house and provide you with a way to search for them in one place at RealEstateCake. Let’s start by explaining the foreclosure process and the 5 stages of foreclosure.


A pre-foreclosure is a property whose owner has defaulted but before it is offered for sale at auctions. During this time a homeowner can sell his property and avoid the foreclosure proceedings and, thus, its negatives on their own credit.

2-Short Sales

Short sales is the stage where the lender agrees on accepting for the property less money than he is owed from the mortgage. The property doesn’t need to be called in default, but you need to show a financial difficulty that will lead in default, such as a job loss for instance.

3-Sheriff Sale Auctions

This occurs when the lender has notified the borrower of default and has allowed them a grace period to pay for the property. An auction is being held so that the lender gets quickly paid for the loan that is in default. 

4-Bank-Owned Properties

The properties that are not sold during auctions become real estate owned properties (REO). This means that they are returned to the bank and are managed by the institution’s REO department.

5-Government-Owned Properties

Other properties are owned by the state so when they go into foreclosure they are repossessed by the government. State brokers sell those properties.

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