5 Things You Should Know About Short Sales

Short sales happen when the seller doesn’t receive enough money to pay off their mortgage, and as a result, is willing to accept a smaller price for their property. For a buyer, a short sale must seem like a great deal since the final price has been reduced. However, one must understand fully what a short sale actually means to avoid any pitfalls.

A short sale transaction is a long process, which we present in a concise process chart below:

In this article we will talk about 5 important things a real estate investor should be wary of during this process and share how you can find numerous short sale listings for your future investments.

Short sales doesn’t mean discount

When a real estate property is approved for a smaller price than it was purchased some time ago, it means that probably the seller paid too much, in a rising market and the property exceeded its mortgage value.

So, when you see a decreased price that doesn’t mean that the property has a discount. Most likely, the seller has no equity left, or even negative equity because the market has fallen and they have over-mortgaged their property. 

Stricter qualifications

When you are short selling your house there are stricter qualifications to be met. Some real estate agents push their clients to short sell even if they don’t qualify for one. Thus, this is something you should pay attention to when considering proceeding with a short sale transaction.

Sell “As Is”

During a short sale transaction the lender sells the property in its present state without making any improvements on its condition. So buyers should take into consideration that the property might need some major renovations.

Takes longer to close

It takes from two weeks to two months for a lender to respond on a short sale purchase offer. And that is because more paperwork needs to be processed, while sometimes more than one lenders are involved and, thus, have to approve the transaction.

Lender can change conditions

Sometimes the lenders wait until the last minute to negotiate the terms of the short sale transaction. And that happens because they want to be certain that they won’t suffer any major losses due to market or legal changes.

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